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Western Road Medical Centre

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Common Concerns

As we come out of lockdown, a lot of people are contracting colds/coughs and other common illnesses. The majority of these can be managed safely at home without the need to speak to a doctor.

As a rough rule for duration of common illnesses:

Cough and cold/bronchitis – 3 weeks

Diarrhoea – 1-2weeks (vomiting often accompanies at the start and generally settle within 48 hours)

Fever – up to 5 days (fever 38 C or above if under 3 months needs immediate medical attention     or     if temperature not settling with both Paracetamol and Ibuprofen)

Sinusitis – 2.5 weeks

The website   www.whenshouldiworry.com   has really helpful information for parents of unwell children.

NHS Choices also has a lot of helpful information about when/when not to to call GPs over common concerns.

We encourage you to obtain advice from a doctor irrespective of the above if your remain concerned.

Covid-19 vaccination

Read about what we’re doing to vaccinate our patients, including an update on AZ Oxford vaccine

Elijah Adom receives his Astra Zeneca vaccination at the Victoria Centre.   (Photo and name published with his permission.)

Need medical advice/assessment?

    1. Telephone appointment  01708 775300  or use e-Consult  
    2. If asked to come to the surgery please wear a face covering and read the instructions in this link.
    3. Home visits requests will be assessed via telephone and arranged if needed.


Please consider investing in the following equipment:

    1. Blood pressure machine (patients needing regular checks)
    2. Thermometer (All patients)
    3. Pulse oximeter (Patients with chronic lung/heart conditions or prone to lung/heart-related illnesses).


Have a look at these (they may help resolve your query without the need for a telephone appointment):

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Covid-19 links

Covid-19 – safely isolating at home – leaflet for patients

COVID-19 – related links including info on recovery/long-COVID syndrome




Other links

Book an appointment for blood test   (once you have been given a blood form)

Request repeat contraceptive prescription

New patient registration

Data opt Out – Information for Patients


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