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Western Road Medical Centre

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COVID-19 TREAT AT HOME SERVICE – You can register a positive Covid-19 test via this NHS link or by calling 119. Once this is done, and if you have a condition that puts you into high risk category, the NHS will contact you after 24 hours to discuss and arrange specific treatment to reduce risk of complications – even if you are not feeling too unwell  (this cannot be prescribed by the GP surgery). If you have not heard in this time and feel that you have a condition putting you at increased risk, then please call the surgery or call 111 if outside of our opening hours. As a guide, some qualifying conditions that would be considered Click this link

If you are feeling unwell whilst Covid-19 positive and think you need to be assessed by a GP, then please phone us as normal.


Welcome to our surgery! We always strive to do the best we can for our patients. If you are seeking medical advice, please start with the information below.

Self-management for common conditions

Typical duration of common illnesses that usually settle without needing to see a doctor:

Cough and cold/bronchitis – 3 weeks
Sore throat – 7-12 days
Earache – 4 days
Diarrhoea – 1-2weeks (vomiting often accompanies at the start and generally settle within 48 hours)
Sinusitis – 2-3 weeks

www.whenshouldiworry.com   describes the worrying features to look out for if your child is unwell.

NHS Choices has information on management of a wide range of short and long term conditions.

Have a look at these – they may help answer your concerns without needing to wait for an appointment

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Covid-19 links

Covid-19 vaccination/boosters – you will be contacted when it is your turn and can then book an appointment via 119.

COVID-19 – related links including info on recovery/long-COVID syndrome



Other links

Book an appointment for blood test   (once you have been given a blood form)

Request repeat contraceptive prescription  Scroll to bottom and click option on right hand side “Need to complete a review”

New patient registration

Consent to talk to family members form – Adults Only

Data opt Out – Information for Patients


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