Western Road Medical Centre

99 Western Road, Romford, Havering, RM1 3LS

Telephone: 01708 775300


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Have an urgent medical problem you wish to discuss?

Please phone the practice or, if we are closed, call 111. For immediate assistance if condition if felt to be critical/life or limb-threatening, call 999.

Appointments can be booked via

Types of appointments offered

  • Telephone/video consultations where it may be considered preferable/necessary to assess a patient remotely.
  • Traditional “face-to-face” appointments.
  • Home visiting For patient who are chronically housebound or are genuinely unable to leave their home for medical reasons. Please click on the link for further information.
  • Extended Access appointments at the local HUB. Please contact the practice for bookings.

Our consulting hours are listed at the bottom of the page.

Cancellations: Every week the surgery has many non-attended appointments. If you are unable to make an appointment please telephone reception in time for your booking to be offered to another patient.

Book-on-the-day appointments

If you feel you have a genuinely urgent medical problem for which advice or treatment cannot wait until the next available appointment, you can request a book-on-the-day appointment. We are not able to guarantee that you will see a particular doctor. These appointments have less allocated time (5 minutes) and are not appropriate for sorting out longer-term problems.

Missed appointment policy

If an adult patient fails to attend a pre-booked appointment on more than one occasion in a period of 12 months, an informal warning letter along with the practice policy will be sent to the patient. If the patient fails to attend a second appointment in the same 12 months, a second letter will be sent, advising them that a further occurrence could risk removal from the practice.

If the patient fails to attend a third appointment, the matter will be discussed with one of the partners as to whether the patient will be removed from the practice list. In which case a formal warning letter will be issued.

Warning letters are valid for a period of 12 months. Removal based on warnings greater than 12 months old will be invalid – in this case a further formal warning and period of grace will be required.

Late arrival

The appointments are run on a tight schedule so late arrival can really hamper a clinicians ability to deliver effective care. Our current policy is that we will see patients if they arrive within 10 minutes of the start of their appointment time. Adult patients and children 5 years or above arriving more than 10 minutes late for pre-booked appointments will be asked to book another appointment (exceptions may be made in rare circumstances where a patient is considered to be vulnerable or is concerned of the need for immediate medical attention). 

  • The doctors do try to run to time but the nature of the work means that occasionally we will be delayed. We will try to keep you informed if this happens. Please try to be patient with us.

More than one problem to discuss? 

Time in a single appointment is very limited and we would suggest that one problem per appointment is appropriate. Please note that (unless directly relevant to the problem being discussed) prescription, test result and letter requests should be directed to reception or emailed to the practice. 

If you have multiple problems, we would suggest you arrange a telephone appointment first, use Electronic Consultation, or email the practice, so that a doctor can decide how best to address them. You may consider booking a double appointment but may have to wait longer to be seen.

Please be advised, you may notice, when booking an appointment with a GP Registrar, that the duration of the appointment may show 20 minutes. However, this is considered for a single problem only as GP registrars are qualified doctors who require further training to become General Practitioners, therefore their appointments are longer to provide sufficient training time.

Depending on the nature of the problems, you may be asked to make a further appointment if it cannot be safely assessed within the time constraints.

Patients with communication barriers or poor mobility

Consultations requiring interpretation should be booked as a double appointment.

If your mobility is poor then please phone, email, or use Electronic Consultation which will help a doctor allocate an appropriate amount of time for your appointment, or may avoid the need for you to come if the problem can be dealt with remotely.


Please speak to a receptionist if you would like one. Doctors conducting intimate examinations will usually suggest and arrange for a chaperone to be present


There will likely be more than one person in our team that can help you!

We all like to see our ‘own doctor’ but there are many other people to choose from, particularly when there is a 2 or 3 week wait to see a particular doctor. All doctors and nurses have access to your notes on the computer so if you have seen one doctor the others will be able to understand what has happened. If you can’t see one doctor then another may well be able to help you.

Please remember that, as well as the seven partners, we employ salaried GPs and GP registrars. In addition, the practice nurses are skilled at providing many of the services that were traditionally provided by doctors. If you need, for example, a blood pressure check or a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill a nurse may be able to do this for you.

Please consider asking the receptionist to guide you to an appropriate professional.


Consulting Hours

  • Monday to Friday 09.00 – 11.00
  • Afternoon sessions are available 13.00 – 15.30 and 16.00 – 17:50

Extended hours appointments

We offer evening (telephone and face-to-face) appointments 18:30-19:00 which may be suitable for patients/carers with work commitments.

Nurse Appointments

  • Practice nurse surgeries are run daily by appointment between: 09.00-10.45 & 16.00-18.00 each appointment has a duration of 10 minutes.

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Tuesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Wednesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Thursday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Friday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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