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Our medical centre is purpose-built to accommodate the special requirements of those patients who are disabled. There is wheelchair access to the consulting rooms, treatment room and disabled toilet facilities. In addition, there is a baby changing facility.

Chronic Disease Management Clinics

Several clinics are available for specific conditions, and to help increase your awareness of good health and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Examples of clinics available:

Asthma, diabetes, blood pressure/heart disease, “well person”, diet (weight reduction), stop smoking, HRT.

Cervical Smear Tests

You may book an appointment with the doctor or nurse during surgery hours. Please book mid-cycle. The NHS offers a smear every three years for women aged 25-50 years of age and every five years from 50-65 years of age.

Diabetic Annual Review Clinic

Annual diabetic reviews are done by Dr Awan, Dr Quigley, or ANP Tracy Quigley. A blood and urine test will be required about 2 weeks before the appointment – these can be arranged via reception. The blood forms can also be downloaded from our home page.

You need to have an annual eye check. This can be done at Specsavers in Romford or Debney in Collier Row.

Immunisations (including children)

Joints Injections and Minor Ops Surgery

A number of our doctors are able to give corticosteroid injections for a range of joint and soft tissue disorders. Some doctors also perform minor surgery for treatment/removal of a variety of skin lesions. If you think that you may require such a procedure, this would need to be approved by a doctor first through an initial consultation. Please book an appointment via reception. If you have been advised to make an appointment for a joint injection, reception staff will be able to book you a double appointment with an appropriately-qualified clinician

Nurse and Flu Clinics

Please click the link for further information.

Private/Non-NHS Services

Please click the link for further information.

Social prescriber

This is a new service as part of a primary care network arrangement. If appropriate, your GP can refer you to this service for advice on a range of social problems (e.g. finance, housing, care needs and likely many others)

Travel Clinic

A complete advisory service for world-wide travel is available, including recommended immunisations and anti-malarial treatment. If you require the services of this clinic please book your appointment at least 6 weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for the appropriate vaccinations to be administered. Please complete this travel questionnaire in advance of your appointment. We are an authorised Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Travel Clinic Prices

Women’s Health

Please click the link for further information.

We provide Coil/Implant fitting and removal


Other Local Services

Ambulance bookings

Antenatal Care

Blood tests

Counselling Service

COVID-19 Services

District Nurse Referrals

General Referrals

Sexual health services

Ear Syringing

Western Road Medical Centre does not offer ear irrigation service. This service is available at Mim’s Pharmacy, 118 North Street Romford RM1 1DL. Telephone: 01708 743341

Post Operative Care, removal of stitches

The Post Operative Care Clinic at the Rosewood Medical Centre is a by-appointment only service for patients who have recently had surgery in hospital, had a wound treated in A&E or had minor surgery carried out by Havering GPwSI clinic.

Please note that all new patients must give at least 24 hr notice and if an appointment is required Monday they should call before the weekend.

To make an appointment, please use this link https://app.10to8.com/book/swchavering/

If you are unable to book online, then you can book by calling: 02045392837. The phone number is open Monday to Friday from 3:30pm to 6pm. This does not include weekends and bank holidays.

Services included:-

Post-Surgical sutures and clips removal

Post-Surgical dressing changes.

They can also offer Urgent Wound Dressing at the Urgent Care Centre for patients presenting with acute wounds, superficial skin ulcer management and first degree superficial burns.






Opening Times

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    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Thursday
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    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
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    Extended hours appointments (pre-booked only) 18:30-19:00
  • Saturday
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